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Italian ADI Honey

The line, which is BRC and IFS certified, is a declaration of love for nature reflected in its compliance with the laws that govern it. Not surprisingly, it is the first commercial line that marked the entry of ADI products into Italian distribution chains, allowing us to grow and project ourselves into the future.

Italian Honey ADI BIO

Miele Italiano ADI Bio represents the line that has enabled us to meet the growing demand even from consumers in the foreign market, guaranteeing quality and food safety of a 100% Made in Italy product. It boasts, among numerous certifications, Organic, Kosher, USDA Organic, Canada Organic.

Adi Gourmet Black

The Adi Gourmet Black line was created to remember and pass on the origins of beekeeping in the country. With the awareness of giving voice to those values that have always guided the work of the Iacovanelli family: genuineness, clean product and protection of biodiversity. All evidenced by BRC and IFS certifications – Organic, Kosher, USDA Organic, Canada Organic.

Bio Mellis

Bio Mellis honeys are the concrete result of ADI Apiculture’s “honey supply chain” model, ranging from the selection of territories and production in the apiary to the packaging and marketing of the finished product. Bio Mellis represents our first organic line dedicated to herbalists, pharmacies and specialty stores. A special selection in which we make the most of all honeys, as many as there are flowers from different territories.

Miele Gourmet

Honey Gourmet is a promise of purity and quality, with geographic coverage spanning major national and international distribution channels.
The commitment to perfection is underscored by BRC and IFS certifications, as well as being recognized as Organic, Kosher, USDA Organic and Canada Organic.

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