Arnia di ADIna

A training programme to really experience.

The initiative

We have created a magical place: Arnia di ADIna, our educational farm. We want to disseminate the vital essence of beekeeping and explore the intrinsic link between the environment, the local region, food and health.

Immersed in a multidisciplinary environment and engaged in practical activities, visitors undergo an exclusive and innovative experience, thanks to the guidance of professional beekeepers, sensory analysis experts and operators dedicated to physical and mental well-being.

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Life in
a hive

Interactive lessons to gain first-hand knowledge of bees and their behaviours, the structure of the hive and its organisation, and the products of these extraordinary pollinating insects.


Moments of relaxation in harmony with nature amidst the fragrances of the hive and the buzzing of the bees.


Direct involvement of participants in games and manual activities to explore the link between the environment, the local region, food and health.

Company visit

A guided tour of our workshops. A testimony to sustainable development, which has safeguarded the old traditional craft processes without forsaking innovation.


Treatments to restore well-being, both in humans and animals, with products collected, transformed and secreted by the bees.

Sensory analysis
of honey

A mini course to get to know the various types of honey, each with its own colour, taste and smell. Sweet surprises that tell of a local area, a season and a story.

Bringing the training activity directly to the classroom is an exciting experience!

We share the tools of the trade with the students and bring a special surprise: a teaching hive with a realistic photographic reproduction of honeycombs and bees, or a real hive with live bees, in complete safety. To crown it all, a jar of honey is brought to the classroom for a sweet snack.

Tornareccio, the Queen of Abruzzo honey

Arnia di ADIna is located in Tornareccio, the small town in the province of Chieti where it all started. Right here, where our beekeeping story began and continues today.

It is at 630m in altitude with only 1,800 inhabitants: a pearl hidden among the mountains of the Val di Sangro.