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We cultivate connections between nature and humanity

Adopt a beehive

Did you know that by taking care of a hive we can save 50,000 bees? With a small contribution, you too can adopt a whole colony or a part of one.

Join our mission: a gesture as simple as this can have a big impact on protecting biodiversity.

Every bee counts and together we can make a difference!

Arnia di ADIna

Our educational farm Arnia di ADIna (the ADIna Hive) is not just a training activity: it’s an experiential journey into the world of beekeeping.

The ADIna project is designed for schools, universities, families and groups interested in biodiversity. With theoretical and practical activities led by expert beekeepers, sensory analysts and educational farm operators, you’ll be part of an engaging and exciting journey.


Passion, know-how and experience packed into a small encyclopaedia of honey, intended as a true gift from nature.

Enjoy a guided discovery of everything hidden behind this world. Because honey is much more than a sweetener – it’s a source of inspiration and well-being that we deserve to know properly.

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