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Organic & Natural honey

Bees bred by Adi Apicoltura do not like adulteration, because Adi Apicoltura customers just want a healthy honey. In the belief that good nature, able to take alone its course, should come intact in the jar, since 1999 the company has focused on organic honey which provides for a strict selection of wild flowers and plantations planted on pesticide-free areas, hives built with natural materials and a process of honey extraction through centrifugation without adding sugar, additives and food colouring; and certainly it does not include pasteurisation, used to keep honey liquid over a longer period, in particular honeys different from acacia, chestnut and forest (the only ones that do not solidify) but causing them to lose valuable qualities such as vitamins and enzymes. The organic honey, along with the classic one which is in any case harvested in unpolluted territories and far from urban sprawl, it is a healthy product that represents the highest form of a family tradition that has made the respect for nature its irreversible choice.
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