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British Retail Consortium and International Food Standard of Bureau Veritas

BRC and IFS are the certifications created by large retailers for suppliers. In order to satisfy the need of consumers and authorities for guarantees on the quality and safety of food products, large retailers promoted worldwide standards of quality and hygiene and required that its suppliers comply with them. Through these standards it is possible to track and verify the processing methods and that the hygiene requirements are met throughout the supply chain, ensuring food safety and early risk management. In particular, the British Retail Consortium standard was formed in England and includes certifying audits carried out by independent parties. The International Food Standard is an equivalent instrument developed by the most important German, French and Italian retailers and it also provides for certifying audits carried out by independent parties. The main stages of the certification process include defining the certification purpose, a preliminary audit, upon request, with gap analysis and assessment of current compliance of the organization with the requirements, the certification audit which eventually results in the issue of the certificate, annual surveillance audits aimed at overseeing the continuous improvement. At the end of each audit the company will receive a clear and comprehensive report which allows to continuously improve food safety performance. The results of the certification audit may be used as documentation to be produced to the large retailers in order to be included in the supplier list.
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