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Taste & Health

Whether savoured alone or chosen as ingredients, the Adi Apicoltura products are the highest expression of the Italian taste in cuisine. The numerous types of single-flower honey and the wild flowers honey are a rainbow of colours and flavours, able to satisfy all tastes in family: acacia, chestnut, thyme, sunflower, cherry, eucalyptus, sainfoin – these are just a few of the twenty fine single-flower honeys proposed by Adi Apicoltura. The various nuances of taste can be appreciated alone or combined with deliciousness such as cheese, but they are also versatile in cuisine: it is no coincidence that the Adi Apicoltura honeys are required by internationally-renowned chefs for their culinary creations. The same imagination and passion originate also specialities such as cream made with honey and PGI hazelnuts, “gianduja” cream, nougat and mini nougat, sweet delicacies for very gourmets also in organic version. Taste but also health: honey is a natural product with high-energy values and more sweetening power than table sugar thanks to glucose, fructose and other substances which occur in nature such as organic acids, mineral salts and enzymes. Like the honey other hive products such as royal jelly and pollen are ideal for those who want to combine goodness and wellness.
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